Add WOW Freebies as a Safe Sender

We recommend adding WOW Freebies to your safe sender list on your email provider. This helps our newsletter from going in your spam folder and from some parts of the email (e.g. images) being blocked.

Outlook 2003/2007/2010
> On an e-mail from WOW Freebies, right click on the stripe below the subject line (says something like Click here to download pictures…)
> Select ‘Add Sender to Safe Senders List’.

Google Mail (GMail)
> Click ‘Contacts’ on the left hand side of your email.
> Then on the contacts screen create a new contact by clicking the + image in the left hand corner.
> Then choose a name for WOW Freebies, for example ‘WOW Freebies Newsletter’ and then in the e-mail field enter ‘[email protected]’. Once you have done this click Save.

Hotmail/MSN Mail
> Once signed in, click Options in the top right of your screen
> From the list click More options…
> Click Safe and blocked senders which is under the Junk email section
> Click on safe senders
> Type in the email ‘[email protected]’, and click Add to list.

Yahoo Mail
> Click on an email from WOW Freebies
> Click the link ‘Add to Contacts’ below the subject of the email
> Then click Save in the box which opens up.